A versatile cost-effective solution for Universities and Institutions to conduct examinations/ Assessments effectively without deviating from the existing practices of conducting the examination.

IonExam allows students to take an assessment/ examination from any remote location while ensuring the integrity of the exam. The students confirm their identity and during the exam, the system monitors students through image proctoring, looking for behavior that could indicate malpractice. A human proctor monitors the student remotely. IonExam provides assurance to Institutions, individual faculty and stakeholders that remote testing is secure and trustworthy.



Key Features

  • Conduct online exams remotely either for internal examinations or for term-end exams
  • Allows to define Exam schedule for courses
  • Allow upload of multiple question paper for each course exam
  • Provides a secured system to ensure that uploaded question papers are not accessed without authentication
  • Notify Students regarding Exam schedule
  • Publish Exam just specified min before the exam by randomly selecting the question paper
  • Students download the question paper in Student mobile application/Web application and take offline/ Online exam
  • Students are proctored through Zoom or Webex or Microsoft Teams
  • Upload Answer sheet images in mobile application and submit the exam