IonIdea is a 25+ year old USA based Software Solutions and Services Company having its delivery centres in USA, India, Europe and Singapore. IonIdea, in collaboration with educationalists and researchers, has developed IonEDUCATION Platform Solutions for Higher Education Institutes in the areas of Outcome Based Education, Exam Management, Digital Valuation and Attendance Management.

Our Products
We offer the following software solutions:

IonCUDOS (Outcome Based Education Software)
Integrates Curriculum Design, Delivery Planning, Assessment Planning and Attainment of Course Outcomes (COs), Program Outcomes (POs) and indirect attainment surveys. Helps in implementing NBA/ABET mandated outcome based education and reduces faculty workload. Very useful for accreditation process.

IonEMS® (Exam Management System)
Automates entire examination section activities and produces all outputs that are required by the institute – covers the scope from Registration to Graduation. The salient features are:

  • Enable students to register/withdraw courses
  • Error free class room Time Table generation
  • Error free exam and lab time table generation
  • Online Hall Ticket generation
  • Speedy announcement of results
  • Grade card, PDC, Transcript Printing
  • Maintain comprehensive student database including results and data archival

IonDVS® (Digital Valuation System)
Automates entire evaluation workflow and posts evaluation data to IonCUDOS and Exam Management System in a secured manner. Saves cost, increases accuracy, and improves the cycle time of result declaration