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TEQIP Workshop on hands-on OBE using IonCUDOS Platform

RIT certificate

IonCUDOS at Malaysian Universities April 2016

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WOSA2016 by National Board of Accreditation. IonCUDOS – Paper Presented on Automation of OBE NBA Processes for Tier1 and Tier2 HEIs in India.

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@ ICTIEE 2015, International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education| BMS College of Engineering Bangalore | 5thJan2015 to 8th Jan2015

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@ World Engineering Education Forum | WEEF2015 Conference Dubai | 3rd Dec 2014 to 6th Dec 2014

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@PES Mandya Implementation Drive

With Prof. Dr. Padma and team!


@BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore

Demonstration of IonCUDOS to the the Principal, the Dean Academics and allHoDs,

20141113_135814 20141113_125611  20141113_125934 20141113_130918  20141113_130933 20141113_134037

@ PES College of Engineering,Mandya, Karnataka

Demonstration of IonCUDOS to the Principal, the Dean Academics, the NBA Coordinator and allHoDs,

20141112_151337 20141112_152239   20141112_152714 20141112_152736

@Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore

Demonstration of IonCUDOS to the Hon.Secretary, the Principal, the TEQIP in-charge, the Dean Academics, NBA Coordinator, allHoDs, Professors ofDr. AIT

20141113_172722 20141113_171949  20141113_164907 20141113_164844 

@Adhiyamaan College of Engineering, Hosur, Tamil Nadu

Demonstration of IonCUDOS to the Dean Autonomous, allHoDs, Professors of ACE

20141110_143252 20141110_143404   20141110_143417 20141110_143435

@ RVCE Bangalore

IonIdea presented IonCUDOS to the Vice Principal, Prof. Dr. K. N. Subramanya and Dean Academics, Prof. Dr. Ramakanth Kumar, HoDs and Professors of R V College of Engineering Bangalore on 29th Sept 2014

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Mr. Nishit Sahay, Chief Mentor, cSTPP & Advisor VTU visited IonIdea

Mr. Nishit Sahay visited IonIdea and reviewed the progress of IonCUDOS Software

Mr. Nishit Sahay Visited IonIdea and reviewed IonCUDOS on 16 Sep 2014

@ JSPM Group of Institutions – RSCOE Pune

IonIdea presented IonCUDOS to the Directors, NBA Incharge, HoDs of JSPM’s RSCOE Institute Pune.

Demo at JSPM RSCOE Pune-2 Demo at JSPM RSCOE Pune-1

@Rajarambapu Institute of Technology (RIT), Islampur, Maharashtra, 05 Aug 2014

IonIdea presented IonCUDOS to the Executives of RIT.


Prof. Dr. Sushma Kulkarni Director RIT, Prof. Dr. Martand Telsang Dean Academics, Prof. Dr. A. C. Attar Dean, all HoDs, HoPs, Examination Controller, and key executives of the Institutions were present., Pune

IonIdea presentedIonCUDOS toProf. Praveen Revankar, Professor and Director CIT,, Govt. of Maharashtra and Prof. Henk Eijkman, Mentor to Higher Educations and Expert of OBE, Australia. is doing an amazing job in Faculty improvement in Maharashtra, especially Engineering Faculty improvement on Curriculum Design for Outcome Based Education!


@VTU, Belgaum, Karnataka

IonCUDOS demonstrated to Mr. Nishit Sahay, Advisor to VTU and Chief Mentor VTU-cSTPP on 15th Jun 2014


@BVB CET, Hubli, Karnataka

IonCUDOS implementation and institutionalization drive at BVB College of Engineering and Technology Hubli during May 2014


@RIT Islampur, Maharashtra– OBE Workshop

IonIdea participated and presented IonCUDOS in the OBE Workshop at RIT (Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, Islampur, Maharashtra) – 25 Jun 2014


Copyright in India

IonCUDOS product Copyright Certified during April 2014


@ NMAM IT, Nitte Karnataka – OBE Workshop

IonIdea participated and presented IonCUDOS in the ABET and OBE Workshop at NMAM IT (Nitte Engineering College) – 12 March 2014


@ICIEE 2014

IonCUDOSwas presentedat International Conference for Indian Engineering Education Improvement (ICIEE 2014) at BVB College of Engineering and Technology, Hubli, Karnataka, INDIA, held during Jan 2014

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@GEDC 2014

IonIdea launched IonCUDOS v1.0 in Global Deans’ Conference, held on 18th Jan 2014 in Hotel Taj Gateway at Hubli, Karnataka, INDIA

1GEDC-Brindala-Speech 1GEDC-IonCUDOS-Demo1GEDC-Dr. Shettar and Dr. Bidanda 1GEDC-Networking-Discussion