IonAMS – Attendance Management System & Mobile App

IonAMS: Attendance Management System

Maintaining an attendance register of students requires a lot of effort, accuracy and also paper. IonIdea introduces IonAMS a unique simple to use mobile-based application to manage and monitor the attendance of students seamlessly with the reduced effort of faculty.

The Mobile-based application is linked to the individual time-table schedule of the faculty and alerts faculty with regard to the classes to be conducted. It addresses all exceptional cases like adding extra classes, altering with co-faculty members etc.


  • Easy and convenient attendance taking procedure
  • No need to carry the attendance register.
  • Works with calendared classroom, lab or any other sessions planned for faculties, students, section-wise
  • Handles all exceptions – rescheduled session, cancelled sessions, extra sessions
  • Online or Offline data posting to IonEMS, for students eligibility computation for SEE
  • User-friendly interface