The Washington Accord aims global recognition of engineering degrees and increase in mobility of engineers for global opportunities. National Board of Accreditation in India has signed the accord on 13th Jun 2014. With this major milestone, every Engineering Institute has a need to demonstrate their curricula design as per Outcome Based Education norms and be able to plan and attain the outcomes as part of their continual curricula improvement, year on year.

While university engineering education system is frequently brought under the accountability scanner, the world of academia is also striving towards a cooperative system of education for not only nurturing thinking skills in students but also demonstrate knowledge and skills with application value in the industry.

Keeping this underpinning principle of accountability in education system in mind, IonIdea Inc., presents IonCUDOS©, an innovative software platform that enables planning and design of curriculum through structured mapping of outcomes at all levels to attain the desired educational objectives.

IonIdea in collaboration with senior educationalists and researchers in OBE and employability domain have identified an opportunity to address the problem faced by Engineering Education, especially in India. It is inevitable for Indian Engineering Education to demonstrate the Curriculum Design, Delivery and Assessments aligned to Outcome Based Education (OBE).

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