IonIdea is a 25+ year old USA based Software Solutions and Services Company having its delivery centres in USA, India, Europe and Singapore. IonIdea, in collaboration with educationalists and researchers, has developed IonEDUCATION Platform Solutions for Higher Education Institutes in the areas of Outcome Based Education, Examinations, Evaluation etc.
Todays Higher Education Institutes have three major priorities

  • Institutionalizing Outcome Based Education for Quality Outcome
  • Achieving and Sustaining Educational Autonomy
  • Reducing the time Faculty spends on documentation and process requirements required to demonstrate conformance with Accreditation needs

IonEDUCATION Solutions are aimed at automating end-to-end critical processes of Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) including Universities, Autonomous institutions and Colleges. Our current focus has been on automation of critical processes in academics, examination section and valuation processes.

  • Enabling Tier-1 and Tier-2 institutions to automate and institutionalize OBE which helps in demonstrating conformance to Accreditation needs
  • Enabling Autonomous Colleges to automate critical functions: Admission to Graduation
  • Automating end-to-end valuation process by digitizing answer scripts (MCQs and written answer scripts)
  • Integration of all our integrated solutions with existing ERPs of the Institution
  • Design and development of customized ERP solutions for Educational Institutions

IonIdea has designed and developed IonEducation solutions, which are time-tested and address all exceptions of HEIs in these areas. IonEducation solutions comprises of integrated unique software solutions aimed at reducing operational cost, improving efficiency in the entire process and enhancing accuracy of outcomes.

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